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Oil Care

The FPS Limited is the trade association for the oil distribution industry and ancillary interests in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The FPS Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of a new Oil Care website, www.oilcare.org.uk

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The site aims to help the public and businesses find the information they need; to raise environmental awareness relating to oil, to help people look after their oil, to inform the public and businesses about how to avoid causing oil pollution incidents and to increase used oil recovery.

As a member of the Oil Care Campaign, the FPS supports these aims.

Main Aims

The site displays good practice information for home and business owners:

  • to everyone responsible for an oil store – check your tank regularly, what should you look for
  • farmers – advice on how to look after your oil
  • to boat owners and hire companies – it’s important to take care not to let oil reach the water that’s all around you
  • motorists – if you change your own oil you need to dispose of it safely and legally
  • for owners of oil tanks in flood risk areas – make sure your tank can’t float away
  • to protect your oil from theft – safeguard your valuable asset, theft is an increasing issue
  • for people using biodegradable lubricants – what you need to know
  • for people with waste oil – check our good practice advice for when you store, handle or dispose of waste oils

The www.oilcare.org.uk website has links to legal requirements, the latest news from the OCC and are developing case studies for oil storage and use.

Liz Hobday, Oil Care Campaign Manager, said, “We hope this site will become the go to place for anyone looking for information about how to look after their oil. Across the UK there were over 3,300 oil pollution incidents reported to environmental regulators in 2012; that’s more than 9 every day of the year.

We want to encourage people and businesses to understand how to look after their oil safely and legally, and to realise the value in used oils so that they save money and protect their local environment.”



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