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What is ‘Boiler Lockout’?

Boiler lockout is a term relating to the shutdown of your heating boiler. If your boiler locks out it will stop functioning and the display will start to flash with an error code.

Determine boiler lockout by looking for error codes and/or flashing red or green lights.

What causes ‘boiler lockout’?

Oil boilers have an excellent service record, however boiler lock out can still occur. Older boilers will be more prone to boiler lock out.  This phenomenon can occur for several reasons, you may have run low or completely out of heating oil, there may have been a power cut, low pressure in the boiler or a more serious component failure.

Extreme change in boiler pressure can be a contributing factor. This can happen with a sludge blockage. White Rose Fuels’ Premium Heating Oil can reduce sludge build up and prevent corrosion within your boiler, it can prolong the life of your boiler and make fuel last longer.

A catastrophic component failure within the system may have triggered this safety mode. We would always recommend you call an OFTEC registered technician with ANY questions on your boiler.

 What do I do if I suspect ‘boiler lockout’?

1.       Look for an onscreen fault code

If you still have a boiler manual, see if you can match the code. Alternatively enter the boiler model and error code into Google. Information on this error or videos on what to do next can be found on Youtube.

2.       Press reset

Try pressing the boiler reset button. If you find yourself hitting the reset button on more than one separate occasion, we would suggest you call an OFTEC engineer to get it checked.

3.       Check the oil tank

  • Dip your oil tank to ensure you haven’t run empty.
  • Has your oil level run low? Sludge formed at the bottom of your tank may have entered the boiler system and clogged up components.
  • Check for any exterior damage to pipework.

 How can I prevent ‘boiler lockout’?

·         Make sure your boiler is serviced (at least) annually. At each service ensure the filters are               checked and cleaned.

·         Use the best possible fuels such as our Premium Heating Oil.

 White Rose Fuels Premium Heating Oil contains the additives:

·         Fuel stabilisers

·         Dispersant

·         Corrosion inhibitors

·         Metal deactivators

·         Anti-oxidants

·         Detergents

Click here for more detail on Premium heating Oil.


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